The Water Spigot, Inc.

The Water Spigot, Inc. is a full service laboratory. Our services include not only laboratory analyses, but sampling capabilities as well. We provide a wide range of analyses for wastewater, drinking water, sludges, soils, and groundwater matrices. We have a HAZWOPER trained field team that specializes in groundwater sampling. Our field technicians are also trained in collecting bacteriological samples and MMO-MUGS for community systems, as well as individuals.


The Water Spigot, Inc. has been in business at our present location in Panama City for over 30 years. We employ approximately 27 full and part-time employees.


The majority of our work is comprised of local, state, and federal government firms that are governed by regulatory agencies, i.e., EPA or DEP.

Full Service Environmental Analytical Laboratory - Water and Wastewater Analyses - Field Sampling Teams

5806 East Hwy 22, Panama City FL 32404

Phone: 850.871.1900 | Fax: 850.871.9303

Analytical Laboratory


the water spigot, inc.

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